The strength of a family


ORNELLA BELLIA WINES is the story of my family, a story of love for wine and hospitality that spans three generations of people who have expressed their passion in a territory dedicated to excellence and made quality their life’s mission.

My family story began in 1951 in the heart of the “Lison Pramaggiore” area, nowadays an essential part of the new “Venezia” controlled denomination of origin. Beginning with 18 hectares run as a tenant farmer by my grandfather Aurelio Bellia, going on from my father Giovanni it’s now my turn as owner of over 33 hectares, with the addition of the same number of hectares owned by selected, loyal suppliers who our agronomists and wine-makers support in caring for their vineyards and grapes in order to guarantee constant production quality.

Ornella Bellia


For over half a century our family has pursued a single dream, to advance while staying faithful to tradition and the wines that over the years have been a symbol of our company’s success.

We have always thought that producing wine means undertaking a lifelong project for ourselves and our children. The results of such a project come from our daily efforts and tenacity. Nature has transmitted to us the importance of patience and the pleasure of generosity and for this reason we intend to persevere, transforming our business and renewing our promise to seek quality in every detail.

In our opinion, the best way to perceive the value of our wines is to understand the philosophy, intuitions, perceptions, knowledge and experiences that have led to their creation. We have understood that the strength of our wines lies above all in the soil, the microclimate and the vineyards.

Fermentation and maturation


Vineyards with spurred cordon, Guyot and Sylvoz trained vines feature soil on a thin layer of caranto (calcium carbonate) and a mainly clayey surface layer, both of alluvial origin from the sediment deposited by the nearby Rivers Livenza and Tagliamento. Such terrain holds water well and contains large quantities of mineral elements such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, together with a well-balanced quota of organic substances.

Here the climate is mild due to the protective effect of the nearby mountains and sea breezes from the Adriatic. The flat disposition exposes the vineyards to local winds. The Bora, a fresh, dry wind, blows from the north east and a warm, damp Sirocco comes from the south east throughout the year. These winds rise mainly in the evening, lowering the nocturnal temperature, which favours the diurnal temperature range. This leads to perfect aromatic maturation, a prelude to extremely elegant wines that age well.

Visitors to this plain can observe a landscape modelled by viticulture. But those who have grown up here have learned to recognise the colours and fragrances and see a land that reveals values, pleasures and virtues.


Having grown our grapes with the most respectful care, we then celebrate the harvest and immediately listen to the must turning into wine, which then ages in steel and wooden casks to achieve just the right maturity.

All this takes time, something that has taught us the value of experience and tradition, the force of every individual gesture and the importance of knowing when to stop and wait for an outstanding wine. When the bunches of grapes have been picked they are taken to the selection centre, where they are divided according to their clone and the parcel of vineyard.

After that comes alcoholic, and sometimes malolactic, fermentation, from which we extract the best quality and typical characteristics, clone by clone of each variety, using vinification protocols that incorporate research and experience acquired over the years.

This is followed by constant stirring on the lees (bâtonnage) that keeps the yeasts suspended and increases the wine’s structure and aromatic complexity. While the wine is standing our team of winemakers and wine engineers carry out careful analyses in order to ensure that it has reached the right point of maturation before the final bottling stage.



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ORNELLA BELLIA VENEZIA WINES has chosen the beginning of a new start to launch the first vintage of
AROMATIC TRAMINER, one of the most important indigenous Italian varieties on the world’s wine scene.





Following the recent Ministerial Decree 11th March 2020
for further measures to contain the infection
by COVID-19 on the entire national territory,
our company will respect the following regulations:

Our wine shop will be closed until March new regulations on the matter.




Frappole, galani, crostoli, struffoli or berlingozzi: whatever the name of your typical Carnival desserts, the best wine is our sweet and passito "Pensiero d'amore" wine.




On 16th 17th-18th and 19th of February 2020 the most important trade fair of our North-East held it at the "Palaexpomar" in Caorle: we will be there and we will meet the friends of the HoReCa channel, players in tourism and food.




On Valentine's Day, treat yourself to an experience: by purchasing our 'Valentine's Day gift' containing two wines dedicated to her and him - our fragrant raisin wine "Pensiero d'amore" Incrocio Manzoni Veneto I.


let's start 2020 with a new DOC


The 2017 vintage of our "G1928" is now available, produced exclusively from Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso grapes.


Around us


The DOCG Lison area for controlled denomination wines and the Lison Pramaggiore area for controlled denomination of origin wines, take their names from the towns of Lison, a district of Portogruaro, and Pramaggiore, which are both in the centre of the production area. The zone is located on the plain a few kilometres from the Venetian coast, between the Rivers Tagliamento and Livenza, where from time immemorial the vines grown there and the wines produced have been typical of the area.

The Prosecco DOC zone is situated in North East Italy, in territories straddling five Veneto provinces (Treviso, Venice, Vicenza, Padua and Belluno) and four in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine), one of the most beautiful parts of Italy.

The DOC Venezia includes the entire territory of the River Piave and almost all Lison Pramaggiore, extending into the provinces of Venice and Treviso, from the Conegliano hills to the Caorle lagoon.


"Roma caput mundi, Venetiae secundi..."

It was with this saying that people in the Renaissance used to recognize the heritage of the Ancient Rome of the Caesars in the splendour and magnificence of Venice.

The tourist that walks through the "calle" and the small squares, who stops to admire the beautiful palaces, the enchanting Canal Grande and St. Mark's square, one of the most beautiful squares in the world, cannot certainly miss that sensation of power and magnificence which is still pervading the atmosphere of this eternal city.Bridge of Sighs It silently transpires from the walls of palaces and monuments, from the lapping of its numberless canals even when Venice is shrouded in soft fog, transported in a grey and muffled dimension.

At nightfall the traffic of gondolas, steamboats, motor-punts is still great, the lights remind of the echo of feasts, banquets, ceremonies, of the goliardic atmosphere of an endless Carnival,St. Mark square while in St. Mark's square people are still sitting at the famous cafés.

The music of a piano and a violin can be heard.

Someone is quickly leaving the square and its pigeons to go to dinner, to sit immediately after maybe in front of a dish of fried "moleche", accompanied by a freshly made soft "polenta" and by an inviting and fresh frizzante rosé wine.


Walking through the narrow paths and the small squares in Caorle, among the coloured houses, it is inevitable to compare this town with Venice. But something makes Caorle different from the famous lagoon town:Piazza Vescovado the atmosphere that can be enjoyed in the old town, the excitement at nightfall as the fishing boats enter port in the middle of the night after a fishing day which has began in the first hours of the day.

It's then that Caorle shows its most characteristic aspect, linked with its tradition as fishermen's town. The buzz along the paths, in and out the wine bars, the stories of peopleCeremonial Caorlina rowboat who have created an indissoluble tie with the sea, pinning all their hopes and their life on it has always been merging with the enchantment that this town of Upper Adriatic offers the visitor.

And now let's immerse ourselves in this world, which used to fascinate Hemingway so much,casoni and let's discover the thousands tastes of Caorle's cooking in the delicious small restaurants of the old town or in the "casoni". Here Caorle's fishermen used to spend the "Fraìma" period, before the winter, maybe tasting the "broeto alla caorlotta" (broth the Caorle way), one of the most characteristic dishes, and matching it for example with an excellent Pinot Grigio.


A look at the quiet elegance that pervades this nice town located in the Eastern Veneto, on the border with Friuli region, is enough to convince anybody that a visit to Portogruaro should not be missed.

You should walk through the old town, along the alleys that link the two main streets, separated by the Lemene river, discover the old wine bars that smell of inviting and genuine things or admire the sight offered by the canals that pass through the town. Beautiful Gothic Venetian palaces overlook the canals and their small doors are reminiscent of Venice very much. The old mills, the small temple dedicated to the Madonna of the Pescheria, the small temple dedicated to the Madonna of the Pescheriathe typical leaning bell-tower and the municipal building rimmed by the unmistakable swallowtails will always enchant everybody.

And in the evening as soon as in the windows of thousands shops light up and a swarming mass starts animating the life under the galleries, here we are at the research of a small restaurant among the many ones that Portogruaro offers to close an unforgettable day in the best way, maybe in front of a dish of goose breast ravioli, washing down such a delicacy with a Cabernet Franc served at a temperature of 18°C.

Concordia Sagittaria

Think about a sunny day, maybe in spring, and the desire to escape from the chaos and the frenzied rhythm of everyday life in order to immerse in a different world and in a different time, as the Roman boats used to sail across the Romatino river, today called Lemene, to reach the river port of Julia Concordia.

It is surely one of the most extravagant ways to sail along the Lemene from the river mouth located in Caorle to the nice town of Concordia Sagittaria.

Once you reach Concordia, do not forget to visit the beautiful Romanesque cathedral and the baptistery.In the surroundings you will find also the important archaeological site where you will be able to admire the great lapidary collection and the ruins of the ancient Proto-Christian church, one of the first Christian churches in the history!. We suggest you to visit also the Roman sacellum located in SS. Martiri road, where the martyrs from Concordia were tortured and killed, and the remains of the ancient Roman bridge that used to link the town of Julia Concordia to the Annia road.

Concordia Sagittaria offers a myriad of surprises and beauties. So before starting this journey back to the past what about having a nibble with a nice "sopressa" of the area, with some fragrant bread and a glass of sparkling Raboso?

Sesto Al Reghena

There are places in which you feel as if you were living in the past.

Let's imagine the far and dark Middle Ages, a remote country abbey at sunset as the daylight is fading. Who's not fascinated by this atmosphere which has always been part of our childish fantasy?

We are in Sesto al Reghena, a village near to Friuli, on the border of Veneto. Its abbey was founded on the first half of 8th century and it keeps the charm as well as the gloomy and romantic atmosphere of the lost Medieval world, with its knights, the castles, the abbeys and its extraordinary legends.

Entering the Sesto al Reghena Abbey is like popping into our past, as man used to live in a more mystical age, forced to face the hidden fears and superstitions, trying to defend himself with the swordabbey - detail and finding courage and refuge in prayers. The solemn silence that reigns inside the church evokes echoes of ancient Gregorian chants,redemption hopes invoked to the sky, scents and sensations of a place which is more than an earthly building, and is rather the antechamber of our soul.

It is worth staying in Sesto al Reghena till the evening and having dinner: a tasty dish of "Frico" and mushrooms and a bottle of Lison DOCG, maybe in front of a warm and crackling fireplace.


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