Pinot grigio
venezia doc

Cultivation area: Veneto.
Variety: Pinot Grigio 100%.
Soil type: clay, calcareous with alluvial origin.

Wine made from delicately pressing the grapes and then fermentation at a controlled temperature.
Colour: light golden yellow, brilliant.
Bouquet: light, distinguished and characteristic.
Flavour: dry, distinct, full, harmonious and flavoursome.
Alcoholic vol.: 12.5%.
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C.
Serving suggestions: good as an aperitif, with hors d’oeuvres, soup, fish and white meat.
Formats: 750-ml bottles in boxes of 6 to 12.

Our winery guarantees the integrity of the product and its correct development only and exclusively when preserved in a cool place ( 8 - 15° C), dry and away from sources of light and heat.

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